"thumper Humper" Spinnerbait Series

     Cajun Tackle House brings you our NEW for 2011, Thumper Humper spinnerbait line.  Our field-tested Thumper Humper line comes standard in six popular colors: Chart/Blue/White, Solid White, Chart/White, & Grn/White/Chart., Brown/Orange/Chart., Solid Chart. combinations.  Each Thumper Humper spinnerbait comes in 1/4oz weight (standard model) and includes a single silver plated Colorado blade and gold plated willow leaf blade (custom blade combinations are welcome). Many stores are now carrying the thumper humper with colored blades and Indiana blades. 

     Each bait is hand-painted and coated with a tough two part epoxy finish for ultimate durability.  Only the finest nickel plated blades are used, and all gold blades are 24 k gold plated to keep that highly reflective finish longer than standard polished brass blades.  This provides fishermen with the ultimate in flash and reflectivness under water.

     All Thumper Humper Spinnerbaits are on .028 S.S Piano Wire for Maximum Vibration.  This thin wire design is what sets the Thumper Humper line apart from most store bought spinners on the market today!  More vibration in the water = more reaction strikes from hungry bass and harder "thumps" that are easier to detect by the fisherman.  These babies simply put fish in the boat cast after cast!

As with many of our Cajun Tackle House products, if you need Thumper Humpers in additional sizes other than 1/4oz or with different blade colors & combinations, please feel free to contact us and we can have it built to your requirements.

1/4oz or 3/8oz Chart/Blue/White Thumper Humper............... $4.00 ea.

1/4oz or 3/8oz Pearl White Thumper Humper.................................. $4.00 ea .

1/4oz or 3/8oz Chart/White Thumper Humper................................ $4.00 ea .

1/4oz or 3/8oz Green/White Thumper umper................................... $4.00 ea .

For additional images of our Thumper Humper spinnerbaits, please visit us on Facebook!

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